Organization Structure

Professor K.P. Kannan Chairman  A Governing Body was constituted in Janu..  Read more 
P.B. Sajan Member Secretary  Mr. P.B. Sajan, Joint Director, COSTFORD..  Read more 
Professor R.V. G. Menon   Professor R.V. G. Menon: Well known publ..  Read more 
S. M. Vijayanand   Eminent Civil Servant and currently Spec..  Read more 
L. Radhakrishnan   Eminent Civil Servant and currently Advi..  Read more 
M. Sivasankaran   Eminent Civil Servant and currently Chai..  Read more 
Nalini Nayak   Feminist activist; Works among coastal f..  Read more 
C. Gouridasan Nair   Eminent journalist and currently Bureau ..  Read more 
Liza Raju Subhadra   Independent Architect interested in the ..  Read more 
Tilak Baker   Son of Laurie Baker currently Publicatio..  Read more 
Meera Mohan   Sociologist and organiser of women for s..  Read more 
C. Kala   Social activist and writer in Malayalam...  Read more 

Executive Committee

1 . Professor K.P. Kannan
2 . P.B. Sajan
3 . Tilak Baker
4 . C. Kala
5 . Nalini Nayak
6 . S. M. Vijayanand

Office Staff

V.K. Anilkumar Chief Administrator and Programme Manager  Prior to joining LBC, V.K.Anilkumar has   Read more 
Dinesh Jeyachandran Academic Co-ordinator  Dinesh Jeyachandran is a Junior Architec  Read more 
Shalini A.S Administrative Assistant  Shalini A. S.  holds a Bachelors de  Read more 
R. Gopinathan Nair, Caretaker   Since the inception of LBC, R. Gopinatha  Read more 
A. Gopakumar, Driver     Read more 
Girija Kumari,Campus Assistant     Read more 
Vijaya Kumari Campus Assistant    Read more