Summer School

Encouraging response to the LBC exposure programme triggered a thought process to share the knowledge on alternative construction techniques with a smaller group but for a longer duration.Thus, a fourteen day long programme, now known as LBC summer school, was created. The programme targets architects and non-architects, recently graduated or senior students of architecture, planning, civil engineering, urban and rural studies relating to slum eradication, water and sanitation and related areas. Interested students from the social sciences background especially those keen in the area of environment and development in general and socio-economic planning for housing, water and sanitation, and waste management in particular are also invited for the programme.
The aim of the summer school is to create awareness on the need to move towards a Green Habitat, which is based on sustainable building design and construction technology that is cost effective as well as environment friendly.
Initiated in 2013, this programme has seen an increase in the number of participants from 19 in 2013 to 31 in 2014. Duration of the programme is 80 hours. A mix of teaching methods is used to inspire and facilitate effective learning among the participants

• Lectures and discussions including video lectures are organized on the following topics.

1. Laurie Baker's approach to cost effective architecture, his philosophy and practice;
2. Science, Technology and Social Responsibility;
3. Achieving a green habitat in the larger perspective of environment and development;
4. Climate responsive architecture;
5. Understanding traditional architecture through contemporary lens;
6. Alternative sources of energy: the case of solar energy and biogas;
7. Integrating water management, renewable energy and waste management in the building of a green habitat;
8. Slum eradication and the development of green habitat; and
9. Alternative building materials and technology for cost effective building construction

• Practical assignments include hands-on exercises in areas such as environment- friendly campus planning, cost effective building technology, waste, water and energy management. These sessions adopt 'learning by doing' approach wherein students also work along with the masons at the construction sites for a better understanding of the application of knowledge. Interns from COSTFORD accompany the students during these sessions and support them at the sites. This serves to enhance the understanding of the techniques both among the participants as well as the interns, who are students of architecture working under a registered architect to gain practical knowledge.
• Field visits to public as well as private buildings designed and built by Laurie Baker and COSTFORD.


summer schoolsummer school

summerschool summerschool

summer schoolsummer school

summer school